Mars Bay Bonefish Lodge, South Andros - The Best in Bahamas Bonefishing - Mars Bay, South Andros, Bahamas

Mars Bay Bonefish Lodge South Andros, Bahamas

Bahamas Bonefishing at its Finest

What we have here is a failure to communicate. True story......The fisherman is on deck, fly in hand and more line stripped out than he can cast. The guide yells, "11 O'Clock, 45 feet!" The fisherman reels up, hooks his fly on a rod guide, and sits down. He heard, "It's 11:45, let's eat!"

Wutsdat ting'um Mon? 

If you've been here before you know that when tide is down it can be a long bubble through through the Mars Bay channel. And on occasion you may have had to hop out of the boat and walk over the high spots.  The channel needed dredged twenty years ago. The project began in mid March and should be finished by late December. Full throttle in and out, any time, any day!!
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January 2017 fishing has been excellent! Check the gallery for new pics, click here.

As of January 9, 2017 a Flats Fishing License is now required. The rate is $15/day, $20/week, and $60/year. A license will be available for purchase at the lodge on arrival.

The lodge is in the best shape it's ever been in...all new AC's, beds, furniture, paint. Things nobody will notice. Same guides, same house staff, same, lobster, conch, steaks, and lamb rack.

Dave McLeod caught this 10 plus pig March 24. It'll weigh 12-14lbs by the time he gets home. 

Bahamas Bonefishing has never been better. The largest bone fish in years have been caught at Mars Bay Bonefish Lodge this season...several 10lbs+, usually around the big moons. Of course, most are just fish stories without the pic. Mark Wolf landed the 12ish fish pictured left and Erik Anderson's fish is a solid 10lbs on the right.  

Did You ever wonder about bonefish spawning behavior? When, where, how? Check out this video and article.  CLICK HERE
South Andros Bonefish
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