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Arrivals must be after 2PM and Departures before 10AM.

 Incoming parties are asked to arrive on the afternoon flight into Congo Town. Please make arrangements to depart on the morning flight.

Departures back to the states

When booking your departing flight from Nassau back the states be sure to allow enough time to get from Western Air to your connecting flight. Western does not arrive in Nassau until 9:30 AM some mornings. You're pushing your luck with a 11AM departing flight, 12PM or later is best. Some airlines, like Spirit, overbook and have stand-by passengers. If you miss the two hour check-in window they will sell your ticket out from under you. They seem to enjoy telling you "you're screwed". Yeah...happened to me.

Also, don't book the cheapest flight you can find without checking the baggage policy. Some international flights allow a carry-on and two checked bags for free like Jet Blue. Others will charge you for every bag including a carry-on like Spirit. Spirit is cheap but once they ding you for bags you could have booked Jet Blue for the same money and flown in style.


Western Air - to/from Nassau/Congotown

Western Air can be contacted at 242-377-2222.

Via Nassau - Once you arrive in Nassau head for the domestic terminal. Itís a short 15 minute flight to Congotown Airport (TZN), South Andros. Western Air flies there twice a day. The first flight departs Nassau to Congotown at 8 AM and the second departs to Congo Town at 3:00 PM.

A round trip ticket is $120. They will accept reservations without payment over the phone. Reservations can also be made online at their website.

Book your arrival flight from Nassau to Congotown on the afternoon flight. Be sure to check in by 2PM.

Book you departing flight from Congotown to Nassau on the morning flight.

Western Air is very reliable but they don't own a clock. They are usually late and sometimes early. Listen carefully to flights being called over the intercom when waiting for your flight to Congotown. Some fishermen have missed their flight because it was called a half hour early.

You are responsible for making these arrangements. Once you arrive at Congotown a cab will be waiting at the airport for you and your party. From there itís a 22 mile drive to Mars Bay Bonefish Lodge, the end of the road.


Direct flights to/from Congotown via Fort Lauderdale/Miami

 There are a number of charter services flying out of Fort Lauderdale and Miami.  Air Flight, contact info below, is very professional and reliable; first class. With Airflight you must charter the entire plane. Again, there are many charter services.

Air Flight Charters

Fort Lauderdale Jet Centerr
100 Lee Wagener Blvd., Suite #10333
ort Lauderdale, FL 3331555
ffice: 954-359-032000
ax: 954-359-032222


Watermakers Air via Fort Lauderdale, Florida - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

Watermakers will fly you directly to Congotown bypassing Nassau. Watermakers Air is your best option. You can buy one seat or as many as nine. It might cost a bit more but the convenience is worth it every penny. Contact Watermakers for current rates.

Watermakers is located at the Ft Lauderdale Executive Airport (20 minutes North of the International Airport). They are not a "scheduled" airline, but rather an "on demand" charter operator, and when you buy a "seat" you are actually buying a share (one of nine) on a charter flight. They usually have availability on or very near the desired travel date to/from Andros and Staniel Cay. They often operate two flights per day to these islands.

Flights to Andros Island (Either Fresh Creek or Congotown) usually depart the hangar at the Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport at 7:00 am and 1:00 pm with a mandatory check-in time of one hour prior to your departure. You will be arriving into Andros Island 1 hour and 15 minutes later (weather and customs permitting). 

Return flights depart Andros Island around 10:00 am and 4:00 pm with a mandatory check-in time of 1/2 hour prior to departure at Congotown Airstrip. You will be arriving into Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport (weather and customs permitting) approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes later at around 11:30 am or 5:30 pm. If you are making connecting flights we recommend a 2 to 3 hour layover in case we experience any unforeseen delays with weather, customs etc.

All passengers are allowed 35 lbs of luggage for free. Any items over the 35 lbs will be billed at $1.50 per pound and will be shipped on a space available basis.

If you need transportation between airports we recommend using Lane's Limousine and Car Service. Their phone number is 866-405-4667 or 954-568-9300 and their email address is

If you need to book hotel reservations in Fort Lauderdale we recommend the following 2 hotels located near Watermakers hangar. Each hotel will give you a discount because you are flying with Watermakers. The Sheraton Suites Hotel has a shuttle service that runs between the hours of 7 AM and 11 PM. If you are on the morning flight please contact Lanes Limousines or have the Hotel call for taxi service. The Hampton Inn does not have shuttle service.

Sheraton Suites Cypress Creek - 1 mile from airport - $98-$299 per room - Phone: (954) 772-5400

Hampton Inn - 2 1/2 miles from the airport - $89-$140 per room - Phone: (954)776-7677

In order to confirm flight reservations Watermakers will require the following information from each passenger:

Name(s) as they appear on passport (Must be exact)
Date of birth
Country of Citizenship
Country of Residency
Country that Issued the Passport
Passport number and the expiration date (very important!)
Physical Living Address in the US (No PO Boxes. If you are visiting the U.S. then the hotel name and city where you will be staying.
Where you are staying in the Bahamas (House name, Boat Name, Cottage Name, Island etc..)
Travel contact info: Where Watermakers can send any alerts related to your flight in the days preceding the flight.
Credit card number, expiration date and the security code

Once all of the above information has been obtained, Watermakers will confirm your booking.

Please do not hesitate to contact Watermakers office with any questions.

Watermakers Air
2545 NW 55th Court
Hangar 26
Ft Lauderdale, FL 33309
(954) 771-0330


Another option is to fly by charter to/from Nassau/Congotown

Cell 242-471 1860
Office 242-368 2116

Home 242-361 4078 Evening after 7:pm.

The rates to Congo, $900.00 for the 9 seater.

$550.00 for the 5 seater.

Both 9 seaters can carry about 2,000lbs pax and bags,
Max take off wt is 6,500lbs so each person can bring
their bags, with lots of storage in the wing lockers for the rods.

The 5 seater can do 1,400lbs no prob this is the most reliable
aero plane in the islands.

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